There are also common injuries in the skiing and snowboarding activity. One of the best ways that you can avoid them is to know them. When you have an idea, you can make some way for them to be avoided. One of the risks of this sports is that you can get your bones to be broken especially the knee and the thumbs for the skiers. One of the common injuries happens at the head. It can be a concussion or just bruises or the worst. Wear a helmet as you do not know someone might collide with you.

As mentioned above, injuries can happen also to the elbow, wrist and the shoulder. When a fall will happen, instantly one will try to not fall and the arms would be flinging outside. This can cause injuries then due to the impact of the landing. Having a fall can even include injuries to the cartilage, a dislocated shoulder may happen, the shoulder can separate or the rotator cuff can have the injury. When you will have a fall, bring your arms closer to your body.

Your thumb is also one of the common parts of the body that could be injured. This is the situation where your ulnar collateral ligament would be torn or it can be sprained. You can avoid it by closing your hand during a fall. You hold your poles in the correct way so that it could also be minimized the injury to the thumb. An injury in the spine could also happen.