How to be a responsible tourist in the Les Arcs

When you will visit the area, you can see that its beauty is already given and all that is in there could help. It is mportant then also to mantain this beauty by being mindful of the acts especially in terms of the waste and pollution. It is now a concern when the popular tourist areas have become degraded due to lack of control. AS many tourists arrive continually, there are also different structures that arise in the area and waste and pollution affected. It is because of the contribution of the locals and the tourists.

As that has been an example so it is also important that wherever you go, be mindful of how you can help the places. Even the little effort would be helpful. One of the ways you can help is to limit using a car. Do not worry about the transportation as you can access the railway There are also shuttles provided for the different sites. Have your visa prepared with you from this agency information here 泰雅 and travel here. When taking the trail, please do not make shortcuts as it is not easy to maintain trails.

Check also when you like to pick some flowers or insects and fruits as they may be protected. For animals particularly the small ones, do not touch them or scare them or bring them with you. Igniting fires in the places not allowed should not be done. In terms of your waste, please bring a bag where you could put them all and throw in the proper areas. Best to travel here as you conduct your visa over this agency view to this link. It is a responsibility that you sort your waste when throwing them.